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Full Interior & A Paint Enhancement

Make your Interior and Exterior Sparkle with a Scratch & Swirl Removal.

  • 10 hr
  • $399+
  • Portminster Court

Service Description

Full Interior 3 Hours Wash And Clay 2 Hours Correction 4 Hours Coating 1 Hours Premium Interior Detailing: - Deep Vacuuming - Full Interior Shampoo - Leather Treatment - Stain Removal - Surface Detailing - Window and Mirror Cleaning - Deodorizing Exterior Wash & Wax: - Hand Dry - Hand Wash - Wheel Cleaning - Window Cleaning - Clay Barring: Use of clay bar to remove embedded contaminants from the paint that a regular wash can't. - Waxing: Application of high-quality wax to protect and enhance the vehicle's paintwork after the correction process. - One-Step Paint Correction: A single-stage machine polish to reduce surface scratches and swirl marks, enhancing the paint's gloss. Remember, a one-step paint correction usually involves using a machine polisher to remove minor surface defects and enhance the gloss of the vehicle's paint. It's not as aggressive as a multi-stage paint correction and might not remove all defects, but it's suitable for improving the overall appearance of the vehicle's paintwork.

Contact Details

  • 992 Portminster Court, Newmarket, ON, Canada

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